Eric Honeywood Partridge

This man's life is a topic that I, as an omnictionarian, feel I must write, as it is now my passion.

Eric Partridge was born in Waimata Valley (near Gisborne), New Zealand on the 6th of February 1894, to his parents Tjomas and Ethel Partridge, who were sheepfarmers.

He attended Toowoomba grammar school from 1907 to 1910.

He was in both world wars, and published over 70 works in his time, some under the pseudonym Corrie Denison.

Sadly, he passed away on the 1st of July 1977, in MortonHampsteade, Devon.

One day I'd love to visit his death site and put up a memorial, as there is currently nothing there remembering him or celebrating his life.

This! Guy! Was! Great!

I know I've only laid down the basic facts, but if you search him up you'll see what I mean (you may have to do some digging).

If you want to know more, There's a link below :)

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By Katy Nicholson