Lacey Pemberton
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Blonde (film); Brown (book)

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Halston Sage


Paper Towns


Lacey "Lace" Pemberton is a popular girl in school whos always had issues with finding people who don't like just because of her looks. She is part of the graduating class of 2015 from Winter Park High School, afterwards going to Dartmouth college. Since prom, Ben and Lacey have been dating, so it is assumed that they are still dating. She is good friends with Margo, and she travels with Ben, Q, and Radar to find her in the paper town of Agloe, New York


Lacey Pemberton is a minor character in the book Paper Towns.

She has been Margo's friend since kindergarten (even though Margo feels Lacey has been judgmental of her throughout the course of their friendship). She is one of the people Margo and Q get "revenge" on. In the second half of the novel Lacey becomes involved in the search for Margo. She goes with Q to find Margo. She also becomes romantically involved with Ben Starling. In the book and movie Lacey has trouble with people not really getting to know her and just seeing her as pretty and that's it. "Lace" really struggles with this in the book and movie.

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