We are living in a paper town and we don't know this. The term "paper town" refers to a nonexistent town or city used by mapmakers to find out if their map was copied. A copyright trap, so to speak. Perhaps the most famous paper town is Agloe, New York. This is a fictional place. The town was created by Otto G. Lindberg and Ernest Alpers in the 1930's. In the '50's someone had built an Agloe General Store. When the Esso map company had seen Agloe on a Rand Mcnally map, Esso threatened to sue. But Rand Mcnally pointed that a general store had been built there, therefore making the town real. From then on, Agloe, New York has been on the maps up until the '90's and was deleted, although it is still on Google maps and still on some maps as "Agloe (not official)". Agloe is next to Beaverkill, the Exxon, Rockland and Roscoe.