Since no actual pictures can be found, a drawing by yours truly has been provided to give you a sense of how they might look with their radiant smiles.

Purple whales are not normal whales. They are fictional creatures living in the ocean who haunt the deep and murky waters. Their purple flesh helps them blend into the deep and they sneak up on execpting prey, usually fish, and they smile at them.

Purple whales are not dangerous. it is important to remember that they roam the ocean waters spreading joy and/ or terror by smiling. They only kill unicorns, which leads to their rarity as unicorns are land dwellers and purple whales are sea dwellers. Purple whales also can turn invisible, which is why you may not see them when the gasp for air. They enjoy unicorns, and garish features form under the sea. They are best friends with mermaids, teaching their was of hiding from human population.