first an introduction...

we all tought world war z was simply just a movie, right? well it  turns out we were all wrong. there actually is some scientific evidence behind the madness of the movie.

the facts...

one fact simply is, of course, chris hemsworth was not in the real world war z. in fact the name of the movie in itself should through some pointers that the movie is a combination of two things. the two things that are in he combination are world war two and zombies. the next hypothesis really, i'm just thinking out loud now, is that in order for a zombie war to happen, scientist would have to make some new kind of virus. the scientist would have to make the virus because a virus that complex would not be a naturally made virus.  so in conclution, i believe it is possible for a zombie war if our technology and government policies become more relaxed. the scientist would have to make a new virus to either spread in the air or injecta s a vaccine. some people argue that we would be okay because of the freeze dried food and the "zombie survival" guide books, but i personally think none of that would matter when you go head to head with a full force zombie. it would be a survival of the fittest. and for those beautiful babes out there who say the are not fit, you do not have to worry zombies are not fast and the wonder, so if u can just be smarter than them i'm sure you can survive today's world war z.